A family SME incorporated in 1975, active in the Renovation of Buildings, their Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance.

Perfect control of Sanitation and Water tightness in the Buildings makes us efficient for controlling water damage, including the coordination and execution of all required Services.

We also take care of works relating to moist fire protection, effluents treatment, water excess pressure, water pumping up installations, treatment of feed- water (softening - anti-corrosion treatment – filtration, etc.) and waste water (fat trap – hydrocarbon separator, etc.)

Our activity in hospitals and in industrial environments has provided us with references in compressed air, vacuum, medical gas and other technical equipment installations.

Our company is authorised by ARGB (Royal Association of Belgian Gas Industries) for the execution of new and renovated installations for natural gas.

In addition to sewage purification and unblocking, we perform colour camera examinations of hanging or buried networks.
We are also specialised in the packing of terraces and other works connected to the disposal of rainwaters.

Discover in detail, in the section "What are our skills?" the detail of what we have to propose you to assist you.